Interested in something more?

Check out Platinum Studios Competition Team!

What is it?

Our competition team will take your dancer to the next level. Competitive dancers have the opportunity to compete dances against other studios in the state. Team dancers are pushed to be the best they can be and receive top-notch training from our instructors.

How we are different..

We are unlike typical dance studios in regards to our competition team! Your dancer can have as few as 2-45 min. classes a week depending on how many dances they elect to participate in! We understand the pressures that are put on todays child and we strive to give your child a fun and stress-free way to take their dancing to the next level.

How much does it cost?

We keep everything at cost in this studio! We want to be as affordable as possible:

DANCE FEE: $30 monthly. Additional charges may apply if your child opts to be in more than one dance.

COMPETITON FEE: About $40 per competition, per dance. We require attendance at 3 competitions, you may choose to attend more.

COSTUME FEE: About $50-$75

All fees are spaced out throughout the season.

How do I make the team?

We have try-outs once a year. Please contact the studio to find out when the next try-out will occur.